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Sand Colic. (All Natural ingredients! All available across the World.)

Hi Folks. I invite you to visit the vast information base that I have put together for Horse Owners, here or

In my humble opinion and experience, the combined brains of the Worlds Veterinary Community are yet to do the job on


Meanwhile, for the sake of your Horses, I recommend you treat them to protect them. This is not some hair brained Internet Scam. This has been working for over 50 years.

Go here for a read.



Ignore any and all negative comments from Vetsí about this prevention. Behind the scenes, there are Vetís who use this on their own Horses. They are simple locked into the protocol that if a University doesnít approve it, it is no good, to the detriment of Horses everywhere. Here is a Vet who has recently trialled it on his own Horses.

 Hi John,

I promised I'd send more pix after your recipe was given. So, after treatment with paraffin Gus passed HEAPS of sand (& a little gravel) & continued to do so for a week (that was 4wks ago). Then he started to scour quite badly, with sand present, so we drenched him with parrafin again. More sand came out & within 2 days we were back to normal healthy looking manure. Two days ago he started to pass loose manure again so we brought him into the yards to keep an eye on him (no signs of colic) & I gave him your recipe. After about 4 cow pat manures he started passing sandy ones, the fresher ones had more sand & were of normal consistancy (no scour). I've since put him back out in his paddock & just checked manures out there (with Gus following me around & looking over my shoulder for poo inspection) - a few more sandy ones & the one he just passed is nice & normal with no sign of sand. Bare in mind that in between times he's been back out in the paddock probably ingesting vast quantities of sand but there's not a lot I can do about that just yet.

Veterinary Surgeon (Western Australia)

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Hi John

Just wanted to write & say ĎI am gobsmackedí!

Gave your colic mixture to a mare who has been scouring for a while. I have tried large doses of psyllium, bran, controlling qty of water consumed etc. Also wondered whether hormones were to blame as she recently had a phantom pregnancy. Within about 6 hrs of dosing her (lots of 60ml syringe-fulls & a bit of mess, wasnít too bad ) her poo became normal and has remained such for over a week.

Do you know what it is in the --------------that works/helps? Iím fascinated to understand WHY/HOW it works.

Thanks so much Ė best $10 Iíve spent in a long time!

Soo Broster
EA NCAS Level 1 General Coach
Proprietor, Ardis Equestrian Centre



my name is Necia from WA, I emailed you last week after purchasing your colic recipe and said I would get back to you after I had given it to the horses. The one of concern to me was our welsh mare Apple, who has had 8 drenches in the 18months we have had her. (always at about 11-2am on a Sunday night!)

I gave her the feed and kept her locked in for 24hrs, she is the only one who would not eat her whole ration, the others loved theirs. I had to discard the rest of hers finally because it went rancid in the heat. When I cleaned her yard out this morn I nearly fainted, I emptied my sons lunch out of his lunchbox and gathered as many handful of warm poo as I could fit into it and raced down to the vets. They are good friends of mine and were extremely sceptical, to say the least, when I told them of my intentions to dose the horses.

I burst in and yelled out, "Come and look at my poo!" and their eyes nearly popped out of their faces. (As did all the clients in the waiting room)  It was priceless, what great fun it is to suprise people so much! They were floored at how much sand was in that poo, especially considering she was drenched only 10 days ago. We had a good look through it all for at least 10mins and they conceded that it may have done something after all. We plan on tube drenching her next week with a dose, considering she would not eat her whole dose in the feed even after having food withheld for 48hrs before and 24hrs during. Is that what you would recommend, I am convinced she probably still has a lot more in her and would like to get it out once and for all.

Did not notice any sand in the others poo, but still plan on giving them their follow up dose as we live on extremely sand country that doesn't hold together well, and they are really chasing the green pick at the moment.

Great result, so satisfying to see something like that and fantastic not to have to put up with the shiny, shitty bums and tails for the next few days like with an oil drench. See you in Perth, looking foreward to it, Necia.


Hi John

i have been regular reader of you website and watched alot of your pod cast, which i thoughly enjoy and find very informative.

i just wanted to share with you my  sand colic experience.   on easter sunday i went out to feed our ponies, we have four, one is a tiny little miniature named JJ ( he's my baby). anyway i noticed him sitting down in his hay and thought, thats strange.  i walked over, called his name and he came over ( another strange accurance when food is around).   a few days earlier i thought he looked a tad potty in the belly but thought i may just be that dreaded hay belly that most ponies get at some stage in their life.  how wrong was I.

his stomach was so tight, and within  2 hours he was obviously starting to experience pain (  wanting roll ) . lucky i agist at friends, who are experienced horse people,  at 9pm we tubed him with beer and oil then waited,  he had the odd tummy rumble and poop but nothing to stop the pain and bloating.   so we rang the vet and my friend happily drove the 30 minutes to pick up some muscle relaxant injections to see if that would help.    it did,  but not for long,  at 2am we tubed again and gave another injection, same results.  so i walked him, and walked him, sometimes dragging him to keep him moving, he would try to roll and i would literally have to sit on him to stop it.    i have never felt so alone and scared in my whole life,  i thought a few times he was going to die on me.  

finally at 4.30am his tummy started gurgling and making thunder like noises, then finally he started pooing,  a few solid bits full of sand, then the oil started coming out, instantly he perked up and looked better,  so over the next 2 hours he eat and pooped until finally a 7am i felt he was ok enough for me to go home and get some sleep.

i felt proud that i had stayed with him as if i didnt i would of surely had a dead pony.   what a horrible experience, and one that i am not keen to go through again.

the silly  thing is i purchased your sand colic recipe a few months ago,   and had planned on using it on all the ponies but just never seemed to get around to doing it.  stupid, i know..... well on tuesday,   i got off my back side and made up the recipe to give to my little JJ.    by the way, he is fine and seems to be feeling better...

yesterday  i decided to wash some of his poo,  i washed four lots that were between 15 minutes and 6 hours old,  this is what i found.....



i weighed the lid with the sand on it and it weighed 1.5 kilograms... i nearly passed out, god knows how much has come out that  i dont know about, and how much is still to come.  after seeing this i have no hesitation at all,  to use and recommend your recipe.    i only wish i had of used it sooner and saved my little fellow from the horrible time he experienced..

we have now given all our ponies a dose of your recipe, as there is no way i am going through what i did on easter sunday again.

thank you for sharing your wonderful horsemanship skills and experiences with the world,  if i ever have an issue, its usually your site i visit to find the answer.

kindest regards



Hi John

Well pony is all recovered.  Unfortunately, my computer has a glitch at the moment and I canít send attachments, so no photos Iím afraid.  Did want to let you know that when I was going through her poos yesterday, I came across a lump of wood about 4cm long and 2cm wide in one.  Iím suspecting that this is what made the whole experience so painful for her.  I thank my lucky stars that she managed to pass this without any damage to her intestines!  Hopefully next time I give her this remedy it wonít be as traumatic for her (or me!!!).

By the way, the reason I tried your recipe is that I work for an---------------------  When packing they keep the dregs of the --------------------y.  They sell quite a lot to wildlife carers and horse owners.  Iíve always fed my horses ----------------------. 

Thanks again.



Hi there John,

Just have to drop you  line to let you know about the terrific results I've had with your Sand Colic Recipe.

We have tried it so far on two of our horses with stunning effect. We live on very sandy soil and have to hand feed three times a day. My daughter's TB (no, not OTTB), had been very lack-lustre recently, totally opposite to his usual energetic, cooperative self.

He was the first one to get a dose. Within an hour he had done two poohs which were very dark and solid, not breaking apart upon hitting the ground. The individual pellets were smaller than normal, had a granular surface, and when I checked them through with a stick they seemed held together very tightly - sort of like mortar!! I put some in a bucket of water and within 15 minutes the bottom of the bucket had a thick layer of silty sand. He continued poohing happily all day and now he's back to his old self!


Veterinary Officer


Hi John,

I have tested out your sand colic remedy and it works a treat. My mare's coat is lovely and soft and she is now turning a very dark chestnut. My friend and I shared a litre of --------- from the ---------r and her horse was expelling 1/3 cup in each manure. Her horse was already on sandlube and other vet treatments as he is constantly scouring from the sand. We keep our horses in a very sandy environment.

How often can/should you give the sand colic remedy to a horse that eats a lot of sand and scours?



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